The best stories start with a small idea.
Thanks to the idea that started our story in 2017, we are proud to have touched the business life of thousands of people today. We continue to learn, produce and share with our dynamic, young and energetic staff on this path that we set out with the principle of providing solutions to our customers by using the latest technologies in communication and the digital world. We are moving forward with you in the radical change created by e-Transformation in our lives. Thanks to our customer satisfaction-centered policies, we carry out safe and sustainable works. Not to lag behind the Information Age requires being able to adapt to the transformation and the change brought about by the transformation. With the importance we attach to R&D studies, we manage our own infrastructure investments and work to benefit the society and ecosystem of which we are a part. Thanks to our e-Transformation portal and e-Connect, our desktop application developed by our software team, we provide quality services to Turkey.

Our Mission

To make our country one of the few e-transformation centers where e-transformation services and e-invoice services are made the easiest and safest, with innovative approaches and practices.

Our Vision

To establish the largest R&D center in Adana, to provide solutions to our customers by providing the best and highest quality service. To keep up with the changing e-transformation world by using innovative ideas in solving problems.





Yurt Mah. 71363 Sk. Önerge APT. Sitesi No:7/A Çukurova / ADANA
Çukurova Üniversitesi Balcalı Kampüsü Teknokent A Blok No:19/203 Sarıçam/ADANA
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