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We offer the fastest solution with the e-Archive invoice.
As of January 1, 2020, registered e-invoice users; Being an e-archive user has also been made compulsory by the regulations.
What is an e-Archive invoice?
The traditional method of issuing invoice documents is to issue a paper invoice electronically.
The e-Archive invoice, which is prepared in accordance with the standards determined by the Revenue Administration, is stored electronically. If the recipient of the shipment is not a registered e-Invoice user; an e-Archive invoice document can be submitted. The services we offer are protected by legal assurance. The prepared documents cannot be changed after they are sealed. The documents we create thanks to our service are suitable for electronic internal and external audits. The transactions we carry out are reported to the Revenue Administration on a daily basis.

Thanks to our e-Archive invoice service;
- You can present the invoice to the buyer via e-mail.
- Thanks to the user-friendly interface of our e-mail log tracking system;
- When the documents you send reach the recipient,
- You can track when the other party viewed the transmitted e-Archive document.
-You can prevent the risks caused by paper printing. (Disappearance, delay of transmission, etc.)
- You can minimize the costs brought by the paper invoice.
- As it prevents time loss, it increases the efficiency of the work.