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Carry out your shipment transactions safely with the e-Despatch application.
Carry out your shipment transactions safely with the e-Despatch application. digital transformation; enabled long-distance collaborations to be maintained much faster and more securely. One of the applications implemented in this context is the electronic delivery note. Despatch Note/Waybill; It is a document that is prepared before a product is delivered to its buyer and contains detailed information about the seller and the product. An electronic despatch is no different from a printed waybill. It is prepared, stored, and presented in a digital environment. It also provides legal assurance. To benefit from e-dispatch; Both parties do not need to be registered users of the Revenue Administration. If the parties are taxpayers of e-Despatch, the buyer; may notify their preferences of accepting or rejecting the received product completely or partially via the electronic application. Received notifications are shared with the seller. Only if the receiving party is not the e-Despatch payer, the sending party should print out the e-Despatch in the rejection process and keep it by the rejection process.

Thanks to our e-Despatch service
- You can instantly send information to the other party and quickly reconcile.
- Using the e-Despatch application; You can avoid the costs and loss of time caused by storing the documents you have organized in the physical environment; thus, you can gain a financial advantage.
- By integrating it into your accounting system; You can track and manage the entire dispatch process from a single point.
- We keep your documents safely for you for 10 years from the date of issue.