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You can provide financial advantages to your business with the e-Ledger.
e-Ledger is the electronic preparation of the books required by the Tax Procedure Law and the Turkish Commercial Code. Electronic ledger legally has the same features as the books prepared in the physical environment. The immutability of the recorded data is protected by legal assurance. Using e-signature for natural persons and e-financial seal for legal persons; electronic ledgers are quickly forwarded to the Ministry of Finance.

Thanks to our e-Ledger service;
Your books will be prepared electronically and sent to the Revenue Administration. In this way, you can provide financial advantages to the business/project that you are a part of. It can prevent time-consuming processes such as getting your books approved; You can speed up your operational processes. You do not need to physically perform archive and storage operations. Since it is prepared by international standards and usage; You can also cooperate with companies located abroad. By editing the ledger in the physical environment, you can prevent the risks you may face in the forwarding process. (Movement, loss, fire, earthquake, etc.) By not using paper printing, you can benefit the ecosystem you live in.