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Take your place in digital transformation with the e-Producer receipt application. With the production and reporting of the producer receipt in the e-environment by the Revenue Administration (GIB) standards; It is an application that covers the storage and submission of both paper and e-environment. The transformation that started with the transfer of invoicing and documentation processes to the electronic environment; With the latest regulations, the producer receipt started to cover taxpayers as well. First and second-class merchants who are obliged to keep books, buyers who are subject to tax in simple method; It is obligatory to issue a producer receipt for the purchases made with the farmer who is not obliged to keep a book. With the traditional method; The original producer's receipt, of which two copies were taken, was given to the producer farmer, and the copy remained with the buyer. In the e-Producer receipt application; After the document is issued electronically, it is printed out in one copy; Once signed by both parties, the document remains with the producer farmer. As an integrator institution with special permission from the Revenue Administration, we keep your e-Producer receipt copies for you for 10 years.

Thanks to our e-Producer receipt service;
-You can avoid the disadvantages such as loss of time and cost caused by filing and storage processes.
-Your document will be able to be archived electronically without damaging its data integrity.
-You can access the electronic producer receipt from any location where you can connect to the internet.