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We want to be your solution partner for your electronic self-employment receipts. You will no longer feel alone. Self-employed people and freelancers who have only one business partner computer will now be able to carry out their documentation processes electronically. The services provided by individuals who work without being dependent on an employer and have sufficient technical knowledge and competence are within the scope of self-employment. After the reconciliation, a self-employment receipt is issued stating that the collection has been completed. This document is the equivalent of the invoice. E-SELF-EMPLOYED VOUCHER (e-SEV); It will make life easier for graphic designers, software developers, and many other freelancers who are not affiliated with an office and can work with their computers from anywhere, as well as various professional groups such as lawyers, doctors, painters, architects.

Thanks to our E-SELF-EMPLOYED VOUCHER (e-SEV) service;
-We report your documents to the Revenue Administration daily for you.
-We keep your documents safe for you for 10 years.
-We prevent the loss of time caused by archiving and storage processes.
-You can prepare the receipts and send them to the recipient within minutes. Thus, the risks caused by environmental factors can be kept to a minimum.